Iconic Studios - Alagomeji

By: Iconic Studios UNILAG

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₦8,000.00 (Charged Hourly)


356, Borno Way, Alagomeji, Yaba

Detailed Information:

Large air-conditioned room with makeup area and changing room. Stand-by Diesel Generator on ground.

Each rental session comes with 1 No. large airconditioned studio space 1 No. airconditioned makeup space with large mirror 1 No. Background stand with options of non-woven background paper 1 No. Godox Ad600 speedlight 2 Nos. Godox stobe light 1 No. Canon/Nikon trigger 1 No. C-Stand 2 Nos. 80cm Godox octagonal softbox 1 No. 140cm Godox octagonal softbox 1 No. 120cm Godox parabolic softbox 1 No. 110cm reflector 2 Nos. Tripod with Bowens mount Editing Station Standby Generator


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